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Studio Snaidero has been a unique resource for exceptional kitchens in the Bay Area and throughout the United States since 1996. This year we celebrate 19 years representing Snaidero, Italy's premier manufacturer of contemporary kitchens. Owner Michael Glasser, with a background in fine arts, design and home construction, has specialized exclusively in European cabinetry for 25 years.


Founded in 1946, Snaidero has always pushed the boundaries of kitchen design, notably through collaborations with some of Italy's most prestigious designers. Inviting these luminaries to express their personal visions for the kitchen, Snaidero gives form to their imagination in kitchens that transcend the expected. Notable among these are Ferrari designer Pininfarina, Asian Art Museum architect Gae Aulenti, and award winning designers Giovanni Offredi and Lucci Orlandini Design. From our most avant-garde designs to exquisite interpretations of traditional forms, we offer our clients a singularly diverse portfolio of cabinet styles with which to realize a unique vision for their homes.


Viewing the kitchen as both work and social space, we strive to design beautiful, engaging living environments in which to cook and enjoy the company of family and friends. In achieving our clients' functional requirements and aesthetic goals, our kitchens may be elegant, serene, striking or whimsical...but never ordinary. Our experience and a genuine commitment to customer service insure our clients' satisfaction.

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